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Phishing Attacks Still Put Healthcare Data Security at Risk in 2016

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WebApp Gets an Upload Queue

WebApp Gets New File & Folder Action Icons

WebApp Gets a Directory Tree

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WebApp 2.0 Update Completed

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March 2016 Workshop - How to manage your FTP site to meet HIPAA compliance

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January 2016 Workshop - Nested Workspaces

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7 Key Highlights from the 2016 Global State of Cybersecurity

Healthcare Data Breaches Account for the Most Hacks in 2015

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Security Layers & Firewalls

Why a Traditional IDS Just Doesn't Cut it For Enterprise File Hosting

Breach Disasters: What You Need to Know

3 Types of Miscellaneous File Management Errors Have Resulted in 60% of Data Breaches

Lawyers: Data Security is a Reality of Your Practice

How Jailbroken IOS Devices Expose Your Critical Enterprise Files

Why Medical Data is Considered the "Holy Grail" For Cyber Criminals

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October 2015 Workshop - Security Layers & Firewalls

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Cloud-Storage Company Box Struggles to Find Its (Public) Footing

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10 Alarming Stats on Data Breach in the Healthcare Industry

3 things your IT department must know about implementing a SFTP Service Provider

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FTP Admin 101: Summary of Workshop

3 Reasons Smart Companies Steer Clear of Free File Hosting Providers

CEO’s Beware: One Third of Ex-Employees Have Access to Critical Files

What To Consider When Choosing an FTP Service Provider

Is DropBox a Secure File Sharing Solution for Your Enterprise Business?

How Shadow IT is Putting Your Business’ Critical Files at Risk

4 FTP File Sharing Features that Will Keep Your Company Productive and Protected

FTP Today Workshop Recap: Web File Transfer Past, Present, and Future

August 2015 Workshop - Admin 101

3 Ways FTP Solutions Protect Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset: “Customer Trust”

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DropBox or Google Drive File Sharing Can Cost Healthcare Companies $218,400

July 2015 Workshop - WebApp vs. JavaApp

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3 Reasons Email File Sharing Puts Your Business at Risk

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Upload Recursive Folder Contents with the WebApp

Convince Your CEO That Secure File Sharing is Worth the Cost

Answers to Your Top Business File Sharing Questions

How BYOD is Affecting Your Business' File Security

Why Multi-User SFTP is Valuable in a Secure File Sharing Solution

Understanding PCI DSS Compliance for File Transfer

A Guide to Choosing Between Top File Sharing Solutions

6 Internal File Sharing Statistics All Businesses Should Be Aware Of

Getting Over The 3 Hardest Challenges of File Transfer

6 Types of Organizations that Need Dedicated FTP

Are CEO's to blame for Data Breach?

See Why Data Breach is Now an Insurance Nightmare of Hospitals

Beware of The Insecure Substitutes for FTP File Sharing

Why Marketers Should Consider FTP File Sharing

SaaS FTP Showdown: FTP Today vs. ExaVault

The Secure Alternative to DropBox and ShareFile for File Transfer

The IT Risks of File Sharing Services and What You Can Do to Avoid Them

New SSL Cipher Strength Settings Distributed

Law Firm Data Security at Risk for Hacks: Keys to Protecting Your Files

Benefits of FTP File Sharing Domain and Branding

Speed and Security: 5 Reasons to Incorporate Secure FTP File Sharing in the Medical Industry

Why Enterprise Companies are Choosing FTP File Sharing

Backup System Updated

Should My Company Outsource FTP?

The Benefits of a SFTP Cloud

WebApp updated to support unlimited file size

Download Multiple Files & Folders Using the WebApp

User IP and Protocol Rules Now Available

New Subscription Plans Available

SSH Key Management Added to Control Panel

Essentials to Consider when Selecting an Enterprise-Grade File Sharing Service

FireFox Add-on FireFTP an excellent FTP & SFTP Client

File sharing can cause data loss and compliance violations

AT&T informing customers of data breach in August

JP Morgan Data Breach Is Like No Other

New HTML5 Interface Rollout Complete

FTP Today Launches New Web App

FTP Today Releases New Web Interface

Modular Pricing Offered

Scheduled Maintenance - Data Center Migration

FTP Today Moves to A-la-Carte Pricing Model

Enterprise vs Consumer File Sharing

Heartbleed Bug Mitigation

What Constitutes 'Reasonable Protection'?

Physicians for Chicago Bulls and White Sox suffer data breach

The Insecure File Sharing Habits of Employees

New York Times, attacked with leaked FTP credentials

Thousands of FTP sites compromised to serve malware and scams

Bring Your Own Device or Disaster?

Why Windows Explorer is a Slow FTP Client

Fully functional trojanized FileZilla client steals FTP logins

HIPAA Preventing Patients from Sharing Health Records Online with Care Partners

Watch Out For Malware That May Steal Your FTP Passwords

System-wide IP Blacklisting Initiated

Medical University of S.C. reports its largest data breach

Mobile Device Security

Securing PHI data transfers with SFTP

Privacy and Data Security under GLBA

Are You Ready to Comply with the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule?

Cloud Storage Changes the Game for HIPAA Security

Over 1 exabyte of data is now stored in the cloud

What about Authentication and Authorization

Apps aren't always as secure as they claim

Country Access Restrictions

Massive Data Breach at Advocate Medical Group

Sensitive information needs safer storage

Lax file security leads to increased risk

Internal clouds are not inherently secure

Ways To Securely Encrypt Your Files In The Cloud

Problems implementing GLBA Compliance

New website includes changes to subscription plans

Updates to Log History

Enhanced Password Options

Basic Password Options

Revised User Options

FTP Today Releases New Logo and Slogan

Groups - Sub FTP Site Administration

Know Your FTP Service Provider -- Beware the Public Cloud!

FTP Today Lowers Renewals Rates for Large Accounts

iPad / iPhone iOS Web App released

New Report - Disk Usage by Folder/File

Upload your own logo and more

Enable/Disable FTP, FTPeS, FTPS, SFTP and HTTPS Protocols at will!

5-User & 1-GB Upgrades Now Available

FTP Today Offers A-la-carte Upgrades to its Current Hosting Plans

Email Notifications can now have custom From Address and more

FTP Today Announces New Pricing Structure

Encryption at Rest now available to Enterprise customers

Import Users enhanced

Metrics Reports now available

FTP Today Launches FlexFTP Software and High Availability Platform

FTP Today Releases FlexFTP Software to Beta Program Participants

FTP Today Chooses Peak10 to Manage New Virtualization Infrastructure

FTP Today Creates Software Development Department

FTP Today Launches New Website and New Pricing

Secure File Transfer Protocols

How to Choose the Right FTP Host